Welcome to the People's Branch

  The People’s Branch is the Ultimate Political Movement.

 We are the Third Way, the Way of Balance. We are Independent and the Only Political Movement Dedicated to Enabling the People to Check and Balance Government Through the Direct Participation of the People, by the People and for the People!


Rights & Freedoms

  • Welcome to those willing to help improve government. We are Nonpartisan and Nondenominational.
  • As our name implies a People’s Branch of government will make it possible for You/the People to Control, Improve, Check and Balance government.
  • The People’s Branch Political Movement is based on the principle that You/the People have the authority to create the mechanism whereby You/the People can Directly Check and Balance Your elected representative’s actions..
  • We are the Third Way, the Way of Balance and the Only Political Movement Dedicated to Enabling the People to Directly Check and Balance Government through the Direct Participation of You the People, by the People and for the People.
  • The Third Way is the Way of Balance and is the only way that You/thePeople will have to Check and Balance the corrupt actions of Your political opponents even when they are in power.
  • No matter which party is in power, together, You/the People can and will Check and Balance governmental corruption.
  • Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious People have always made the difference in keeping our Inalienable/Constitutional Rights and Our Nation Free.
  • Remember, The People’s Branch is also dedicated to Protecting and Improving Your and Your Loved One’s Lives, Rights & Freedoms.

Problem - Reaction - Solution


SPECIAL INTEREST's Control Is Growing

In the USA and in governments around the world SPECIAL INTEREST’s control over government is GROWING!

U.S. Congress’ dismal approval rating shows they no longer serve the People’s Interest. Elected officials, bureaucrats and, yes, “fake news,” are now simply “GATEKEEPER SHILLS for SPECIAL INTEREST.”

Unfortunately most elected office holders at all levels, Local, State and National are simply GATEKEEPER SHILLS that have been captured by SPECIAL INTEREST because they no longer reflect your – their constituent’s will!

GATEKEEPER SHILLS or just plain GATEKEEPERS for short are basically those that influence others, publicly or privately, yet, do NOT or will NOT advocate for Your / the  People’s Direct Participation in government on matters that concern You / the People’s best interest.

GATEKEEPERS often mislead their followers in order to ultimately benefit themselves and/or some “SPECIAL INTEREST”! Yet, they continuously profess public advocacy, while simultaneously, defiantly and/or covertly, resisting the movement for you, their constituents to have a direct participation in your government!

SPECIAL INTEREST’s worldwide agenda for the Deep State; the Shadow Government; the Globalists; the New World Order; the Illuminati; the Bilderbergs; the Neocons; the Monarchy; the Vatican; the Jesuit Cabal; the Jewish Cabal; the Freemasons; the so called Elites; secret society member’s etc., etc., continues to move forward regardless of the millions of people waking up to their atrocities. 

However, they’re only succeeding because there isn’t presently a mechanism in government that easily prevents elected officials from advancing legislation/laws that serve SPECIAL INTEREST over Your / the People’s Best Interest!


Now - Not So Much

Once reasonable, responsible and conscientious people believed they were electing reasonable, responsible and conscientious officials. They believed the elected officials would do their best to serve your, their constituent’s, best interest.

How has that worked out?

Once partly fair, Now – Not So Much!

Electing a different official when your GATEKEEPER’s transgressions against you, their constituents, finally comes out has proven to be ineffective. More often than not the next elected official only too quickly falls in-line behind SPECIAL INTEREST’s agenda.

Don’t you get it?! GATEKEEPERS true agenda, no matter their label, conservative, liberal, democrat, republican, independent, red, blue, green, etc., is to serve SPECIAL INTEREST.

GATEKEEPERS continually set up and use hierarchical mass movements to create a false sense of populism. Then use that populism to lead and/or mislead the People to act against their own best interest!


Yet, SPECIAL INTEREST fears a People’s Branch of government because they know that their stranglehold of power over the people only comes through government. They realize, as should you, that their stranglehold of power over you will only come to an end with the Checks and Balances of your direct participation in your government – through a People’s Branch.

SPECIAL INTEREST will continue to be the cause of government undermining your best interest until you bring about a way to eliminate SPECIAL INTEREST’s undue influence upon government!

Now, help us help you stop a government that is undermining your and your loved one’s best interests!


U R The Solution!

The defeat of governmental graft, corruption, abuse, waste, fraud, and injustice etc., will only be accomplished when YOU and We the People participate directly in government.

A People’s Branch of government is the mechanism for the ultimate Checks and Balances of the government and the justice system. The People’s Branch – the four branches, the Executive, the Legislative, the Judicial and the People, will together achieve ever-greater governmental transparency, accountability and justice.

Only your direct participation in your government will achieve the greatest level of transparency, accountability and justice.

You will have the power to Check and Balance elected officials and bureaucrats. Together, we can and will stand against and defeat the power and control of the GATEKEEPERS and SPECIAL INTEREST.

Your direct participation in government is the missing link – the mechanism for real Checks and Balances over governmental corruption, graft, abuse, waste, fraud and injustice etc.

Your greater prosperity comes with your direct participation in government!

It is political office holder and  bureaucratic GATEKEEPERS that are stubbornly clinging to their obsolete hierarchical political structure that must be removed from office. They will continue to use the insidious tool of “divide and conquer,” against You their constituents until they are removed from office. The political office holder and bureaucrat GATEKEEPERS that are not helping to facilitate a People’s Branch of government must be removed from office in favor of those that will!

Bureaucrats and/or elected officials are not now nor ever have been a real safeguard for You and Your Loved Ones. A People’s Branch of government is the only governmental institution truly worthy of Your attention, admiration, alliance, loyalty and support.

It is inevitable that a People’s Branch of government be the indispensable institution to safeguard the Constitution, the Republic and the Democratic way.

We, The People’s Branch political movement are genuinely concerned for Your best interests. We are continuously working to give You a Direct Say in the things that concern and affect You and Your Loved Ones!

The honor of standing for the best interest of the People belongs to those that continuously work and advocate for the Direct Participation of the People, by the People and for the People – through a People’s Branch of Government!

Help Us Help You – safeguard your own freedoms and way of life. You yourself are the best Checks and Balances against corrupt government, governmental graft, abuse, waste, fraud and injustice etc.

Direct Participation Of the People, By the People and For the People.

What could be more prudent than the collective wisdom of the People to help steer our political process? Isn’t this the basic approach that the founding fathers of the USA took only a short time ago?

Yes! It is widely accepted as true that it is the People that ultimately have the control of government through the election of officials.

Yet, should that governing system be gamed, overtaken and controlled as it is NOW by SPECIAL INTEREST, the People may still implement the means to bring it back under their control. Therefore, Direct Participation Of the People, By the People and For the People.

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