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We Strive to Serve by Creating Innovations and Finding Needed Solutions to Problems Worldwide.

The Ultimate Goal Of Our Think Tank Is First, To Benefit The Public As A Whole. Second, To Benefit Ourselves.

What could be more prudent than the collective wisdom of our great members to help steer our wonderful innovative process?

As a think tank we are breaking new ground!

Systemic perspective:
Governments roll – It is widely accepted as true that it is the public that should ultimately benefit when tax dollars are spent. Yet, this is not always the case!

Often government officials funnel tax dollars into things that ultimately benefit themselves and/or colleagues and/or their cronies greatly at the public’s expense.

Consider a simple question everybody should ask…

Why should people work together?

If someone comes up with an answer to an important question should they give the answer to someone else that is also seeking out that answer?

More profoundly yet simply…

If you are dying from a cancer or any malady and anyone has the cure – why should they give it to you?

When anyone fails to help others when they can, they have not only failed them they have failed themselves.

How much money is too much when it comes at the expense of other people’s suffering?

Who can say they have done anything, achieved anything, in a void, absent of help from others?

All people everywhere, every millionaire and billionaire owe an eternal debt to the people that helped them in any way, through any stage of their life…

How are such debts repaid?

Some repay them by helping others…

Some by harming others…

Which are you?…

Help us help you and everyone wins.